Positive change is born out of a vision that combines resources with understanding. The old fashioned spirit of entrepreneurship lives on and is continually nourished within our corporate culture. We demand excellence and the ability to think creatively. Value-added solutions are our ultimate objective.

  Investment Profile

Unity through diversity and risk aversion are the hallmarks of our investment profile. We focus on industries and sectors that we & our partners best understand and are able to effectively manage. Our portfolio selection is based on industry trends, depth of management, long-term strategic growth and overall fit. We are a hands-on organization that aims to introduce fresh and innovative ideas into old-style management.

  Investment Criteria

Our investment philosophy is structured around certain basic and time-tested principles. Success is critically dependent on management.  We carefully examine and evaluate the quality and performance of existing management and determine strengths and weaknesses. A careful reading of industry trends and growth patterns is similarly important. We look for industries undergoing a paradigm shift and assess the impact on technology on overall direction. The quality and consistency of investment return represents the cornerstone of our selection criteria.