Networked Energy Services Joins G3-PLC Alliance

23 Jul 2015

NES will leverage G3 to enhance its industry leading PLC technology; The NES Patagonia platform will offer G3 PLC communication option.
San Jose, CA, July 24, 2015: Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES), a global smart grid market leader announced that it has become a member of the G3-PLC Alliance, an international organization whose goal is to promote G3-PLC Communications standard that ensures interoperability of new smart grid ecosystems. After an inter-vision session with the G3 Alliance about future possibilities and the synergy that will come from the cooperation of parties involved, the G3-PLC Committee decided that NES will be a valuable party to further increase the importance of the application of G3-PLC for Smart Grid and Smart metering purposes in the future energy market. By joining the G3-PLC Alliance, NES is able to expand upon its leading PLC Smart Grid technology and incorporate the OFDM based G3-PLC technology into its portfolio of solutions for the utility industry.
"The G3-PLC Alliance is delighted that NES Corporation, a proven leader in smart grid solutions, has been approved to become a member of the Alliance. It is great for the Alliance that an industry leader such as NES has decided to add the G3-PLC technology to its product line,” said Marc Boillot, Chairman of the G3-PLC Alliance. “The G3-PLC technology is an instrumental specification for utility companies deploying smart grid devices worldwide and we are excited that NES, a proven industry leader is now supporting and helping grow G3-PLC standard as a member of the Alliance.”
G3-PLC is a protocol for Narrow Band Low frequency Power Line communications based on orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). G3-PLC supports IPv6 internet protocol and facilitates high-speed communication over the existing powerline grid that allows Internet based energy management systems used by utilities and grid operators to better manage their assets on the grid.
“We are thrilled that the G3-PLC Alliance has approved our membership application and we are looking forward to working with the other members in G3 Alliance,” said Sebastien Schikora, Vice President of Product Development at NES. “Utilities seeking a smart grid solution based on G3-PLC technology can now have confidence that our next generation solution based on the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) will be compliant with the G3-PLC specification enabling interoperability of devices from different smart meter and smart grid infrastructure suppliers.”
NES views cooperation with the other members in the G3 Alliance as an important step in further harmonization, standardization and development of the G3-PLC technology. This cooperation includes the development of the Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP) communication stack so that it is able to support the use of G3-PLC.
The modernization of the electrical grid is a global imperative in order to meet rising demands, ensure reliability and safety and ensure long term efficiencies to realize global resource and environmental responsibility. Networked Energy Services Corporation’s vision is to help usher in this new era of grid safety, reliability and efficiency with its 3 tier, proven, open, multi-application platform.
About the G3-PLC Alliance
The G3-PLC Alliance organization was formed in order to support, promote and implement G3-PLC in smart grid applications. Its members come from the key stakeholders in the smart grid ecosystem, including utility companies, equipment and semiconductor manufacturers, system integrators, IT vendors and automotive companies. Members are dedicated to researching or developing products based on G3-PLC, promoting the technology worldwide and participating in various technical working groups, interoperability testing and certification of their products. For more information visit the G3-PLC Alliance website:
About Networked Energy Services Corporation (NES)
Networked Energy Services Corporation ( is a global smart energy leader in the worldwide transformation of the electricity grid into an energy control network, enabling utilities to connect to their customers, offer new services and help them compete more effectively, through solutions which can help reduce operating costs, provide expanded services and help energy end users to become active participants in energy conservation. The company was formed as a result of the spinoff of Echelon Corporation’s Grid Modernization Division in October 2014. NES has its headquarters in the US, with design and R&D Centers located in Silicon Valley/California, Fargo/North Dakota, Linz/Austria, and sales offices throughout the world. Networked Energy Services' solution, based on Open Smart Grid Protocol (OSGP), is used in more than 4 million smart end points by utilities around the world. NES primary shareholders include S&T AG and Cedrus Enterprises Holdings. You can find out more information about NES and its products, including smart meters, data concentrator nodes, and head-end software, at